Throughout the school year we have many different fun and exciting events for the kids and parents.  Some of the major ones include:

Christmas Program

Spring Program

Mother's & Grandmother's Day

Father's & Grandfather's Day

Coronado Field Trip & other Field Trips

St. Jude's Trike-a-thon

Halloween Carnival

The children also enjoy other fun events including, Valentine's Day Parties and Luncheon, St. Patrick's Day, Cinco De Mayo, Earth Day and many more!  



*** Currently Have Only 2 classrooms*****

Honey Bee Classroom - 2 years old 

Pooh Bear Classroom - Older 2 yrs to young 3 yrs.

Piglet's Pals Classroom - 3 years old

Tigger's Troupe Classroom - Older 3yrs to 4yr olds

Kanga's Kids Classroom - Pre-Kindergarten Classroom 4yr to 5yr old. 

Our Philosophy is to create a loving, exciting, educational environment stimulating your child's natural curiosity and creativity.  

Our curriculum is designed to allow your child's fullest potential to develop as he or she explores relationships with others and experiences the joy of learning new skills.

We wish to foster desirable attitudes in your child that can make his or her later years easy and pleasant.  These include:  Happiness, independence, trust, self-confidence, courtesy and thoughtfulness towards others, eagerness to learn and discover, good manners, sharing, ability to follow directions, develop concentration through listening, pride in themselves and their accomplishments, cooperation with teachers, parents and peers, sportsmanship and understanding of good health and safety habits.  

And above all the joy of being a child, filling each day with mystery, fun, new experiences and friendships while being loved, cared for and encouraged.

Special Events

School Philosophy