Rates effective September 2020

Monthly Tuition Scale

​Tuition Rates include  Breakfast, AM & PM snacks and 4 course lunch program


There is a 15% discount for additional siblings who are attending concurrently.

There is a 10% discount for Active Military-Proof Required

There is a 10% discount for annual payments (School Year, September-August or 12 months)

You may choose one discount, NO multiple discounts

Other Fees

NON Toilet Trained Fee: A $50.00 per month fee for non toilet trained children, until your child is fully toilet trained and                                                    accident free.  (Based on the child's teacher and/or director's discretion)

Insurance Fee: A $30.00 per year annual fee-each year on child's starting month

Re-enrollment Fee: A $50.00 re-enrollment fee will be charged in April if your child will be returning in September.

Over Time Fee:  For Half Day(4hrs) and Full Day(7hrs) children there is a $12.00 fee per hour per day

                                        exceeding the daily allowed hours.  


Extended Days (over 7 hrs)         Full Days (up to 7 hrs)           Half Days (up to 4 hrs)

               $825                                         $707                                     $600

               $702                                         $623                                      $535

               $606                                         $530                                       $479

Registration Fee $85.00 for one child or $125.00 for two children

Number of Days

5 Days per week

4 Days per week

​3 Days per week